Myles Horton (1905-1990) – Born and raised in Tennessee, Myles Horton was inspired by the Folk Schools in Denmark. He decided to start a peoples’ school in Tennessee and he and Don West began the Highlander Folk School in 1932. Myles, along with many other staff at Highlander provided a gathering place, a democracy school, for leaders of the labor and civil rights movement and later, work in Appalachia. He remained part of Highlander until he died in 1990. Highlander Center continues Myles’ vision today in New Market, Tennessee.

Myles had a lifelong belief in the capacity of ordinary people to organize to do extraordinary actions that can change their communities and the world In 1982, at Highlander’s 50th anniversary, Myles said, “The future is out there, ready to be changed. You must be creative, imaginative, and courageously dedicated for the long haul.”

Myles Horton

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